Aerial View of Jemison Marine Shipyard

Established in 1991

Over 30 Years of Experience


Shrimping Boats

The Bossman is a 105’ shrimper completed in 2017.


The Patriarch is a 94’ Scalloper completed in 2017

Maintenance & Repair

We repair Steel, fiberglass, and wood boats up to 150ft

300 Ton Travel Lift

Added to the yard in 2019 to replace a smaller one, the travel lift give the shipyard a unique advantage by quickly lifting large boats out of the water for repairs or safe harbor.

What Our Customers are Saying

Last fall we were struggling to find a location that could haul our boat due to its width. Mr. Jemison and his family were happy to help up. Very friendly and relaxing environment. Tim was alway happy to answer questions and provide support while undergoing maintenance. We hope to use Jemison Marine for years to come. 

— Nichole & Jerrell Sims

Our Boats are Found Worldwide