Tim Jemison founded Jemison Marine in 1996. Tim started working for a shipyard while he was in high school and continued after graduating high school. He always knew he wanted to start a business, he was just unsure of what kind of business to start. In 1991 he was incorporated and started doing contract work where he was currently working. It wasn’t until 1996 that he opened Jemison Marine.

In the 1990s the shrimping industry was at a high. He completed his first shrimp boat in 1996. In 2001 he completed 15 shrimping vessels and in 2002 completed 16 shrimping vessels. Since 2009 he has been building Scallop Boats more than shrimp boats. He has completed 8 scallop boats since 2009.
In 2003 the shrimping industry was slowing down from rising fuel costs. Tim knew he needed to do something different to set him apart. In 2003, he made the decision to buy a Travelift so he could also do repair work on boats. With the travel lift, he can do repair work on many different types of boats. In the past, he has repaired sailboats, oil supply boats, military boats, and many more different types of boats.

Tim built his business from the ground up and now, his son, Michael is working alongside him to learn the business and help him with the day-to-day responsibilities. His son, Michael, graduated from the University of South Alabama with a Mechanical Engineering degree. He takes pride in working with his father and helping the business grow.